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The Power of Microcopy

​Microcopy is the precise word or phrase added exactly where the user most needs it on a website or app. It adds character, alleviates any anxiety a user may feel, holds their hand so that they successfully complete whatever they wanted to do, and generally turns a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

Jacqui Licht

Great microcopy exactly where you need it


A little bit about me

I love creating products, and I was a systems analyst and designer for a long time who morphed into product management and, from there to technical writing and content design


Nowadays, I work for myself and help organizations fine-tune their apps and websites to present a consistent brand, a brand that resonates with customers and helps them identify with it. All by using the power of microcopy. (Check out my blog post "What is microcopy?")


At some point, I was amazingly lucky and worked with Kinneret Yifrah on a complex microcopy project. Kinneret works in Hebrew and needed someone to provide the English copy. I learned so much from her. Later, she even entrusted me with translating her book (Microcopy: The Complete Guide) into English.


So that's my niche - creating microcopy for English-language apps and websites.


Let me help you create that perfect app.


Some of my projects...

bank hapoalim logo.jpg
wave bl logo.png

I met Jacqui through the warm recommendation of a colleague, and it took me only a few minutes of working together to know that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

As a writer, Jacqui is very accurate and has a comprehensive and deep understanding of situations, where she provides humane but professional words. She writes wonderfully, both in terms of grammar and content.

As a product professional, she never ignores any scenario, and always has great ideas on how to improve, streamline and optimise the screens and texts.

Jacqui is always my first choice when I have to write microcopy in English. I know her texts to be exemplary and that the work will progress smoothly until the end.

Kinneret Yifrah

Microcopy Guru and Author of "Microcopy: The Complete Guide"

Working with Jacqui was a pleasure. Jacqui helped us at RealMatch to identify the right tone to use for our job-board platform. She gave informal guidance and feedback on microcopy for users, which helped to convert more job-seekers to engage. She is thorough, creative and fun to work with.

Haim Buchbut
Product Director, RealMatch
(now known as Pandologic)

I want to thank you for the wonderful process we went through while working together. You are responsive to the design spec, and the goals and needs of the users. You create a brainstorming environment that contributes to improving the user experience. I enjoy your rigorous attention to detail, the fresh outlook you bring that very quickly made me feel like you're part of the team. Your writing is accurate, and brings out the character of the interface, taking into account the target audience and your voice and tone specification, that illuminates and characterises the product.

It is so nice to know that there is an amazing person whom I can trust and depend on! From providing everything in a timely fashion, to even if we forget to ask for something, you pick up on it, bring it to my attention, and produce the required microcopy.

Hila Leizerovich

UX/UI expert, Nafca

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Jacqui Licht
Great microcopy exactly where you need it
If you have any questions regarding content design/microcopy, just drop me a line. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible
Let's work together

Do you need more than voice & tone analysis, microcopy, or technical writing?

If so, pop over to our affiliate The Insight Company, where we provide UX, UI, and product design plus QA guidance all to make your product "human proof".


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